Adele Tseng – The Creator

Strong believer of contemporary traditional medicine


From her mother

Adele Tseng has a compelling interest towards traditional Chinese Medicine ever since she was young. Through her mother – a Chinese Medicine practitioner, Adele has always surround herself with the practice and concept of traditional Chinese Medicine.

Sure enough, this has shaped her deep interest towards the concept of natural healing through contemporary usage of traditional medicine.


Wise women made great choices.

Adele is a strong believer of contemporary traditional treatments. She is constantly on the forefront to equip herself with the know-hows of both traditional and modern medicine.

Through her years of studies and research, she believes that there is always a need of openness to integrate the benefits of both modern and traditional medicine.

Her effort on contemporary traditional medicine is amplified when her mother is on board with her at, aiming to educate people on the true benefit on natural and traditional healing – backed with scientific research and proven results.

“The Ideals”

Inspired by the same belief, Adele has dedicated all her career life, educating women to have a more intimate care about themselves through natural healing. Taking women empowerment as the core value, she believes and imparted an inner ideology that women has every right over their self-care.

Adele believes that it is imperative that women need to realize the importance of “self-pampering” through ways that are aligned with one’s body and soul. Focusing on the concept of “natural healing”, she commands on emphasizing inner healing through the use of natural remedies


“To Inspire”

However, this is just a tip of Adele’s aspirations.

Be sure to follow her brand, “Hanamori” and redeem your own self-value, health and well-being.

Come now, ride the journey with Adele to re-define women’s self-care and self-love!