Brand Story

“Hanamori” – The Brand

From a woman
to all woman.

We at “Hanamori” wants to provide all women – regardless of age and status, with genuinely natural products that can relive women’s vitality and vivacity via self-love and health.

women’s self-awareness and health

What we care, make us who we are.

“Hanamori” is a brand that is determined to educate the community about our belief on contemporary traditional treatment for women. It is a brand that resonates with women empowerment and self-care.

As someone who are passionate about bringing a change to women’s self-awareness and health, it is natural that our current and future work has been about developing natural products that helps improve the health of women.


What do we preach in “Adele Yu”?

Women need to have more love for themselves, regardless of age.

We wish to push through the stigma (or status quo) of women with family to have better awareness of their own wellness and health. While family is important to women, we strongly believe that there is no reason for women to forsake their well-being (especially inner health). Take this step with us, and allow us to help you to help yourself.

Love Yourself !

Educating You on Your Health Needs

Through years of thorough research and development, “Hanamori” has come out with natural products and remedies that re-define and emphasize on the natural healing process.

Focusing on the essence of natural ingredients, our remedies highlights the health benefits that natural food source provides to the body – emphasizing on the belief that food is our medicine.


At the same time, we believe that one’s health is greatly affected by the condition on one’ s emotional and physical fitness – this is a rounded approach focused by our very own remedies by integrating physical and emotions treatment.

Again, women are deserving of this holistic approach of physical and emotional health treatment.